Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Letters Bookshop

What it is:  This weekend when we were enjoying the festivities at Centerfest, we passed by a storefront on Main St. that I just had to check out.  I heard about Letters Bookshop opening a while ago, but I hadn't been able to check it out yet.  I love a good bookshop so I was anxious to take a look.

We took the kids and headed on in.  It was one open room filled with books.  At the back was a wall of kids' books with a little rug and sitting area where the kids could sit and enjoy looking at some of the books.  Letters isn't like a regular bookstore.  Some of the books are new and some of the books are used.  That leads to a very interesting selection with some books that you wouldn't find elsewhere.  My husband and kids had a great time looking at some of the finds in the kids' section, and I actually got to browse the rest of the store which was a rare treat.

At Letters Bookshop you can bring in your gently used books for store credit.  You can also bring in books to donate to Book Harvest or even donate your store credit from adult trade-ins to Book Harvest.  What a great system!

What we liked:  I liked how they had a different selection of books.  Plus, the prices of the used books made them a great deal.  I love the fact that you can trade in books you have already read for great new books that are waiting for you.

What we would change: Since it is located on Main St. there's not much parking beyond street parking.  However, the Corcoran Garage is just around the corner and usually free.  If you're looking for a specific book, this might not be your best stop because they don't have as many books as some other stores.  However, if you're looking for a great read or a gift for your kids or friends you may find just what you need.

Website and other important information:


Address: 313 W. Main St, Durham, 27701

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 11am-8pm, Sunday-Monday: 11am-5pm




(...and more books!)

(the kids' book section)

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