Wednesday, August 22, 2018


After years of wondering and waiting, Sprouts has finally arrived! Sprouts calls themselves a Farmers Market instead of a grocery store, specializing in natural and organic foods and goods. They have over 300 stores in 12 states, this is the 4th in NC with the closest being in North Raleigh. I attended a blogger tour and cooking class yesterday and must say I was very impressed. 

Sprouts prides itself on being an alternative to higher priced natural food stores and grocery stores, saying that 1/3rd of their store is on sale at any given time. They have Deals of month located in their magazine available in the store, and when the new ad is released each week you can take advantage of Double ad Wednesdays, where both circular prices are good. In addition in the mobile app there is up to $100 worth of savings just for August alone. There are lots of other ways to save money, like Sprouts brand items. I bought Sprouts aloe vera water for half as much as the name brand for example. At their ready-made sandwich counter if you buy 6 you get the 7th free, and if you use your own reusable bag you get a 5 cent discount. That's a lot more options to save than I expected!

I was impressed by their goods section, from makeup to essential oils and vitamins. Their employees in that area are also really well versed and available to answer any questions. The kids alternative medicine and vitamin area was big and the prices comparable to anywhere I've looked. And if you spend over $100 on vitamins you get a 10% discount on your next order, in addition to constant sales in that department.

kids vitamin and supplement section

The bakery and fresh foods section are pretty extensive. All baked goods are baked in store. I took some raspberry cream cheese coffee cake home and it's really fresh. The ready to eat section has sushi, sandwiches, salad bar, Fresh juice bar, sides, and more. Lots to enjoy there. 

The bulk section is huge and compared to packaged items you can save a lot. 

I got both rolled oats and sunflower seeds for a great price. 

There are over 100 bulk spices for example!

I loved the produce available. It was all in really good condition. The produce prices range from 20-25% below supermarket prices. They carry specialty items too like lemon drop melons and cotton candy grapes - which, if you've never had before you can sample, just like anything in produce - just ask a team member!

All areas of the store were impressive from top to bottom. I noticed in the coolers that there is a huge selection of dairy alternatives as well as vegetarian options and gluten-free choices. In dry goods, items are stacked and arranged by health attributes versus marketing purposes as in normal stores. Be sure to check out Sprouts on the web as online they even offer educational articles, product stories, food tips under the healthy living section and you can even pre-order food. 

Every employee I encountered was really friendly and helpful. 
Plus they have a lot of checkout lanes!

I highly recommend Sprouts as an all in one stop for regular groceries as well as more specialty items. It's a great addition to south durham food stores!

The details:
105 W North Carolina 54, Durham, NC 27713
Open daily: 7am - 10pm

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