Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Adult Workout Series-Week 3

Here's another great quick workout that you can squeeze in quickly and feel great afterward.  Thanks to Justin from Chapel Hill Training for keeping us all healthy.  You can check out the other two workouts in this series and his series on workouts you can actually do with the kiddos here.

Great work last week all! This time we are going to continue with the short and efficient workouts. We 
will focus on arms, core, and the legs. Please let us know if you have any questions.

6 rounds of:

*15 Hip Bridges-Lying on your back, position your feet on the floor with bent knees. Your heels 
should be 12 inches from your hips. Keeping the entire foot in contact with the floor, push through 
your heels to lift your hips off the ground. Squeeze the glutes and pause at the top of the movement. 
Return the hips to the ground.

*20 Full Plank Knee Ins-Start at the top of a pushup position, with your hands under your shoulders 
and your body in a straight line. Alternating, bring one knee in towards your chest, keeping your core 
tight. Avoid rounding your lower back. Bring the leg back to the start position and switch legs.

*30 Jumping Jacks-Simultaneously move the arms and legs laterally until the hands touch overhead 
and the feet are split. Return medially to a standing position.

Check out Chapel Hill Training's Facebook Page for a great October Workout Challenge-a series of two weeks of daily workouts posted free for you to enjoy!  

Monday, October 13, 2014

NC Jelly Donuts

Everyone knows that my family and I love a good donut (or two), and we're so excited that Durham has some of the best donuts around.  Well, when we heard about another one just outside of Durham getting rave reviews we had to check it out.

What it is:  NC Jelly Donuts is a small donut shop that has two locations in Mebane and Burlington.  We chose to stop at the one located just off of I-40 at exit 153, only one exit away from the Tanger Outlet Mall.  We walked in, and the donuts looked delicious but it looked like a typical donut stop to me.

Then, when the lady came out from the back, I asked her what their specialties were.  She showed me several donuts that could be filled with a variety of icings on top-chocolate, maple, and powdered.  Then, she showed me about 10 fillings behind her.  They actually filled the donuts at our request, right in front of us.  I thought that was a fun touch especially for kids to watch-they could pick their frosting flavor as well as filling type.  We selected chocolate frosting with buttercream filling, powdered sugar with strawberry filling, and maple with apple filling, yum!

I was still worried, however, that the fillings would be too sweet.  Then, I tasted them.  While I thought the buttercream was a bit too sweet, my son loved it, and the fruit fillings had just the right level of sweetness.  Yummy!  I had also ordered a few of their regular donuts and they were light, fluffy, and equally delicious.  So, if you're heading to the outlet mall, any of the great museums in Greensboro or Alamance County, or driving down to Charlotte, it's definitely worth a stop.

What we liked: The donuts were delicious, and filling the donuts right in front of you was definitely a fun touch for the kids.  Plus, their location right off of the freeway is very convenient for long drives.

What we would change:  Of course, they are located a bit too far away from Durham to make it very convenient, but if you're headed that way, you should give them a try.

Website and other important information:


Address: 126 Millstead Dr, Mebane, NC  and  3260 S. Church St, Burlington, NC


(their case of yummy donuts)

(our haul)

(my view as I was driving away)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The NC Museum of History

What it is:  This huge museum sits across the street from the state capitol building in Raleigh and next door to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. However, we've never stopped by.  I always have felt that my boys weren't old enough to really appreciate their exhibits.  Now that they are 4 and 6 years old, I felt that they were finally ready to enjoy it.

So, on a teacher workday my four year old and I headed on over.  There's a really convenient lot next door to the museum and while it cost us $6 for the several hours we were there, I was happy to pay it for the convenience and since the museum was free, the overall cost was still pretty low.

We were lucky that we visited on one of the first two Tuesdays of the month because on those two days they have a great Time for Tots program for 3-5 year olds.  You can register online for the hour long program and it only costs $3.  It was a well-organized program that includes a little group lesson, a craft, and a story.  This time, we were learning about musical instruments, specifically those featured in bluegrass music.  So, the kids got the chance to see, touch, and hear the instruments.  Then, they each made their own paper banjos.  We finished the lesson with a trip up to the actual museum to see a blue grass exhibit and read a book.  My son had a great time and both of us learned a lot.

After the Time for Tots, we wanted to explore the rest of the museum.  So, the first thing that we did was head up to the lobby.  Up there, they have a kiosk with signs about their backpack program.  You simply take one of those signs up to the information desk, hand them your driver's license, and you are given a backpack full of activities for 3-5 year olds for a given section of the museum.  We had a great time with the Native American backpack.  It had a guidebook for navigating you through the exhibit, and games, items, puzzles, and more that you could get out and explore at various points of the tour.  It was perfect for getting little ones in to the museum.  Simply take the backpack back at the end of your visit to get your ID back.

Once we gave back the bag we explored the rest of the museum.  Even without the backpack my son still enjoyed looking at the rest of the museum.  They had desks with people explaining various artifacts, items to touch, a few interactive scenes, and a LOT to look at.  I feel like we had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

What we liked:  We loved the Time for Tots as a way to introduce the younger kids to history in a fun and engaging way.  They program was also well organized and well thought out.  The backpacks were great and made the rest of the museum accessible for them as well.  In addition, admission to the museum was free!  The location next door to the Museum of Natural Sciences means that you could definitely spend the whole day exploring in that area basically for free (except for parking).

What we would change:  For children under the age of 3, I feel like the museum is not really very appropriate.  In addition, without the backpacks, the 3 and 4 year olds could wear out pretty easily.  It is a bit tricky to find the entrance of the museum.  It's actually up some stairs facing the Museum of Natural Sciences, and the Time for Tots is in one of the classrooms downstairs.

Website and other important information:


Address: 5 East Edenton St., Raleigh, NC 27601

Hours: Monday-Saturday-9am-5pm, Sunday-Noon-5pm


(The musical instruments from Time for Tots)

(making the homemade banjo)

(listening to the story)

(the backpack kiosk)

(an interactive NC display-my son really liked this.)

(an exhibit where you could milk a cow...moo!)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Compare Foods

Check out this post from Zion about another great grocery store option in town!

Recently they opened a new grocery on Holloway St. in Durham.  I am so happy that a grocery finally opened in this busy community and I couldn't wait to check it out.  There are also two other Compare Foods in town: one off of Roxboro and one of of 15-501 business if those are more convenient for you. If you have never shopped in Compare Foods before, here are a few pointers on what to expect.  

1. Huge aisles - For some reason they are larger than average,  but are still manageable.

2. Diversity in every section - Their produce, meats, and seasonings sections will have a wide variety of things you have never seen or heard of.

3. The meat department really took me by surprise at how low the cost for cuts of ribs and chicken went for.  I purchased 8 slices of pork ribs packaged for $5.87. That was a steal!

What we liked: The store is clean, well tended to, and I couldn't get enough of the ethnic variations of spices and products I could buy.

What we would change: All of the employees were not uniformed so if you need help it could get tricky figuring out who to ask.

After you see the pictures you may think you're looking at Kroger or Food Lion, especially by their well kept produce department which I am in LOVE with!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week Two Workout

Here's the second workout in Justin from Chapel Hill Training's Adult Workout Series.  This workout series is for parent to do whenever they have a short piece of kid-free time.  If you'd like to workout with your kiddos, check out his Working out with Kids series.

Great job last workout everyone! This workout will focus on fat loss again as well as sculpting your
arms, legs, and core. Let us know if you have any questions. It is going to be a fun one!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes. You can do it!

1. 8 knee pushups

• Lay on the floor, placing your hands in line with your chest. From there inch your hands out until your elbows are at a 45 degree angle to your body. Flex the core and chest muscles, pushing off the floor.

2. 10 chair squats

• With your feet about hip width apart, and toes facing forward, push the hips backwards. Bend at the hips until your knees are at 90 degrees, and tap the seat of the chair. Focus on looking forward and keeping the chest up.

• 20 second plank

• Begin laying stomach down on the floor. Brace your core and raise your weight onto your elbows so that your body is in a straight line. Knees should be off the floor. Hold this position for time.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Top Five Burger Restaurants in Durham

Since there have been so many burger restaurants opening in Durham recently, we put a poll on the blog and asked you, our readers to vote for your favorite burger stop in Durham.  So, here's the results:

1. Only Burger-By beating out the next closest restaurant by less than one percent, with 37% of the vote, Only Burger was your favorite burger place in town.  Starting as a food truck and opening up a brick and mortar spot a few years ago.  They keep their menu simple and serve delicious burgers, and lucky for us, they're just about to open another spot down near the Durham Bulls ball park.

2. Bull City Burger and Brewery-Coming in a very close second place with 36% of the vote was Bull City Burger.  Their restaurant is in Downtown Durham, and they pride themselves in using quality ingredients.  They say that absolutely everything is made in house except the ketchup.

3. Zinburger-In third place with 13% of the vote is a new burger stop that recently opened up at Southpoint Mall.  They specialize in serving gourmet burgers, shakes, and wine.

4. Mattie B's and Town Hall Burger-Tied for fourth place with 8% of the vote each are Mattie B's and Town Hall Burger and Beer.  Both restaurants serve burgers and beer to the residents of South Durham.  While Town Hall is primarily burgers, Mattie B's has a variety of other menu items including pizza and gourmet potato chips.

5. Smashburger-The newest burger place on the list came in at 5th place with 3% of the vote.  Smashburger makes delicious burgers, veggie burgers, and chicken using their smash technique and serves them to their burgers to patrons near Duke Hospital.

With all of the burger places in the Bull City, you really can't lose, so take your family, head on out, and have a burger!

Oh, and check out the blog sidebar for our latest poll-favorite area fall activity

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Smashburger Giveaway Results

It's here...the results from our awesome Smashburger giveaway.  Our lucky winner is Jennifer Bolden who commented that she liked "burgers with everything"!  If this is you, just email me at to claim your prize.

For those of you who didn't win, don't worry, I'm sure there will be another fabulous giveaway soon, and make sure to head to the blog and vote on our favorite burger restaurant poll.  I'll be reporting the results soon!  :)

Thanks again to Smashburger for the great giveaway!