Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Yogurt Pump

Last week we had the opportunity to do a little roaming on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill.  Up to this point, we hadn't really checked much of the street with kids just the old Kidzu location (can't wait for it to open back up), Locopops, Ben and Jerry's, and Sugarland.  We changed all that last week.  While we probably still didn't find every great kids' spot on the street, we got a start, and here was our first stop.

What it is: The Yogurt Pump has been a Franklin St. institution since 1982. It's stuck back on the side of a building just past the intersection with Columbia St.  I just tried to explain where it's located and failed miserably.  So, what I will do is refer you to their website which has a lovely map to their somewhat hidden location.  Once there, you can enjoy some frozen yogurt deliciousness.  The atmosphere looked a little older and less fancy than some of the other frozen yogurt spots that have been popping up all over town, but the yogurt was fabulous.  They had several flavors and you could add on toppings for 50 cents a topping.  My oldest son chose the chocolate with UNC colored M&M's while my youngest got the crushed Andes mints on chocolate (a brilliant topping choice).  It was a great stop to start our tour of Franklin St.

What we liked:  We loved the prices with the treats for my boys being $1.50 plus the 50 cents per topping.  The yogurt was thick and tasty and we especially liked the Andes mints!

What we would change: The location is a bit tricky to find, and of course, parking on Franklin St. can be tricky.  However, the lot on Rosemary St. is not far at all from the Yogurt Pump and you can find their location on their helpful map on their website.

Website and other important information:


Address: 106 W. Franklin St. (Next to NY Pizza)

Hours: Mon-Thurs  11:30am-11:30pm, Fri-Sat  11:30am-Midnight, Sun  Noon-11:30pm

 (Yummy toppings)

 (Yogurt tribute to UNC)

 (our table)

(The Yogurt Pump in its hidden alley)

 **Just to be fair...if you would like to vote for The Yogurt Pump for your favorite frozen yogurt in town, just comment on this post and I will keep that in mind on our current poll for favorite frozen yogurt shops.


Courtney said...

We love yogurt pump. We went a ton in college but now take our kiddos. We enjoy just hanging out on the stairs leading in on a nice day.

Lynn said...

FYI to anyone going with strollers - the only way in is up a few steep stairs, so strollers will have to be left outside (or carried in, and it's a small place).

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