Friday, December 18, 2009

Cook Rd. Park

Park Amenities: We love this park because it has so much for our young toddlers to do. There are two big play structures, one is more geared for younger kids and one has great tall slides. There is also a basketball court, picnic pavilion, big field, and some swings.

What we like: the large interesting play structures, the actual playground surface is rubber and good for little toddler knees to land on, lots of swings, the basketball court has a low brick wall around it to contain toddlers.

What we don't like: The park is often deserted and set back a LONG way from the parking lot. For this reason, we would hesitate going to this park by ourselves, but it's great with a couple people or small group. The distance to the car also means it takes a long time for a toddler to walk all that way! The area by the swings can also get pretty muddy when it rains, so there are lots of puddles for toddlers to play in.

Directions and Location:


1. Here's a view of both play structures with the bigger one in front.

2. Fenced in basketball court

3. Looking back toward the parking lot from the playground. You can tell how secluded it is, which can be a good thing and a bad thing.

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