Monday, December 21, 2009

Kindermusik with Catherine

What it is: Kindermusik with Catherine is a branch of the larger Kindermusik franchise. Babies and toddlers take classes with their age group for a summer, spring, or fall session in which they learn music, movement, rhythms, and meet other kids.

What we like: These classes are some of the more affordable in the area, several of our kids have taken classes and have really enjoyed the dancing and music, and Catherine, the teacher, is fabulous! She is caring, energetic, flexible, and laid back and the kids all seem to love her. There are two locations in Durham: Infuzion near 15-501 and Catherine's house in S. Durham. This is also one of the few opportunities for very young babies to be in a class and be exposed to music in this way.

What we would change: Kindermusik is great for most kids, but some toddlers tend to be too active for the dancing and music. The best way to find out whether your child would enjoy it is to contact Catherine and attend a free trial class for yourself.

How to find it: To find out more, go to a trial class, or sign up for a class simply head to Catherine's website or e-mail her. Here's her information:



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