Saturday, January 16, 2010

Barnes and Noble Storytime

What it is: This story time takes place in the childrens' book area of Barnes and Noble at Southpoint Mall. Children and parents gather around a small stage area and sit on small benches. This story time includes the reading of a story and a small craft at the end of the reading. When we were there it was a coloring activity.

What we liked:
I liked how this story time did not feel as crowded as some do. There were quite a few kids there, but it felt a little more laid back and less hectic. Also, the leader of story time did not mind when my son got off his bench and began climbing around the stage as some toddlers like to do. I liked the craft at the end of the time. It was simple, but the kids enjoyed coloring the page, and it was a good craft for a variety of ages. Kids could participate as they were willing and able. In addition, there's a train set off to one side of the stage so if your child is not interested in the story, they can head over to the trains.

What we would change:
There is truly not much I can think of that I would change. The reader of the story did not do much discussion of the story or ask the kids many questions about it before or after reading. Perhaps that would have gotten some the kids more interested, but keeping toddlers interested is a tricky job, and she did do a great job keeping the actual reading of the story entertaining.

How to find it:
This story time takes place on Friday mornings at 10:30. It is located at the Barnes and Noble at Southpoint Mall in their upstairs childrens' book section. The bookstore is in the outdoor section of the mall, and the elevators are located in the back, left corner of the store.


1. the entrance to the childrens' book area with the stage for story time in the back.

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