Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Southpoint Mall Play Area

What it is: This is a great spot to take little ones to play when you can't go outside. It is an enclosed area with lots of slides and structures for the kids to climb on and explore. There's also fun activities on the wall for them to spin and twirl and investigate. There are benches surrounding the play area on the inside where moms and dads can sit and watch while the kids play.

What we liked:
We love the fact that this is an indoor place for the kids to play. We also like the benches around the outside for the adults. It's also right next to Panera so it's great to stop by and get some coffee or breakfast before you head over to play.

What we would change:
One of the major things that we would change about this play area is the entrance and exit. They don't have a gate, so kids are frequently escaping and heading towards the escalators. In addition, although it's geared toward younger kids, sometimes there are kids in the area that are too old for it. They can run around and make it dangerous for the little ones. One negative of this play area is that it can be crowded during mall hours. However, if you go around 8 or 9 am before the mall stores open, it's great! There's almost no one there, but the play area is open and so is Panera! It's the best of all worlds.

How to find it: Head to Southpoint Mall. Directions are on their website (http://www.streetsatsouthpoint.com/about). Once you get to the mall, park outside of Panera. Just head in the entrance next to Panera and walk straight ahead to the play area.


1. View of the play structures inside the play area

2. The ungated exit of the area

3. An outside view of the area

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