Tuesday, February 9, 2010


What it is: This is a story and rhyme time every Monday at South Regional library. The story teller leads babies and toddlers through a quick series of rhymes, songs, and stories for 20-30 minutes. Kids sit with their parents and sing and dance along as they are able. Rhymetime finishes each session with a round of bubbles that all of the kids love and the opportunity to get a stamp on their hand.

What we like: The fast paced nature of the rhymes and songs keep my toddler interested and engaged. He really likes the presentation style of the storyteller. She's enthusiastic and always cheery towards the kids. The bubbles at the end are a nice touch that all of the kids look forward to. Another nice factor that makes Rhymetime convenient is that you don't have to register to attend as is the case for many other library functions.

What we would change: In the past, Rhymetime has gotten very crowded.  However, since they've just moved to a new library, it's not quite as crowded as it used to be.  While my toddler doesn't mind the crowds, some children might be a bit intimidated by the group size.

Website and other important information: South Regional Library is located at the intersection of Alston Ave. and Hwy. 54.

Website: http://host4.evanced.info/durhamcounty/evanced/eventcalendar.asp?EventType=ALL&Lib=13

Time and Place: Every Monday at 10:30 at South Regional Library


1. A sheet given out each week at Rhymetime listing the rhymes, songs, and stories to be done that day.

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