Friday, March 5, 2010

Forest Hills Park

*As of 2012, this park no longer has a sand area, but it is still a great place for some fun any time of year.

What it is: This park, located in central Durham has many amenities that make it enjoyable for parents and kids. It has sets of swings for both small and older kids that are across the playground from each other. There is one large play structure with an area that is appropriate and accessible for young toddlers. This play structure also includes some tall slides that are more appropriate for the older preschool crowd. The playground has a large sand area with two plastic houses and tables. During the summer this sandbox is partially fed by a water fountain that the kids love to play in. There's also a set of three large circular fountains that are turned on in the summer for kids to enjoy. It has a covered gazebo with a picnic table and is surrounded by large fields filled with huge trees. The park also includes other facilities such as restrooms, tennis courts, and more.

What we like: While this park is fun in the winter, it is fabulous in the summer! What makes this park unique is are the water features. If you go in the summer, make sure to have the little ones wear clothes they can get wet because they will want to run in through the fountains and play in the mud generated near the sandbox. The large trees leave plenty of room to spread out a blanket in the shade and have a picnic before the kids play on the playgrounds or in the fountains.

What we would change: While this playground is great, it can also be a little tricky in the summer to keep your little ones clean. If you don't wear clothes you can get dirty, you can be in trouble with the fountain that feeds into the sandbox. In addition, while I really like the play structure, the last time I went, I noticed that the tall slides were really very high up for toddlers. I felt I needed to be up there with my toddler so he wouldn't fall, but then the only really quick way down was one of the slides themselves. It took a while to walk back down to catch my kid at the bottom of the slide.

Website and other important information: This park is located in central Durham off of University Blvd. just up the road from it's intersection with 15-501.



1. View of the park from the entrance

2. The large grassy fields with trees

3. The sandbox with concrete fountain in the background

4. Ring fountains that are turned on in the summer

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