Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rainbow Play Systems

What it is: this store basically sells baby and childrens' furniture, as well as big backyard playsets. But the store also has on its huge front lawn a selection of 13 fully-built playsets to play on (for free!). If it's rainy, they have a gigantic wood playset built into a special room inside the store, which they named the Rainbow Play Room. Open play runs M-F from 10-1 and costs $5 per child. The room can also be rented for birthday parties, but if it's not booked, then open play is available at those times too.

What we liked: The outside play area is great advertisement for them, and on a nice day, the kids can really run wild between all the play sets, far from the road and without having to wait turns for anything. If a rain shower blows in, the indoor play structure is huge, and has activities that range in difficulty so crawlers and big kids can find their fun. And it's likely you'll have the whole place to yourselves, I've never seen it crowded. If you're there during a downpour, the steel roof makes it sound really impressive!

What we would change: For some reason, when you put arcade games near a play area, little kids will always gravitate to them. There are about eight arcade games there, and since I want my kids to expend energy, it's a little bit of a hassle to keep them off the machines and back to climbing. Since the first goal of this business is to sell play systems and furniture, I don't think they have wi-fi, and the cell phone reception wasn't great.

How to find it: The store is located on Hwy 70 between Durham and Raleigh.

8732 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh NC 27617

Website: http://rainbowplayofnc.com/rainbow-party-room.html


1. The front lawn play structures

2. The Rainbow Room

3. What to look for from the road

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