Monday, April 26, 2010

Bull City Gymnastics

What it is: Bull City Gymnastics is a gymnastics school for children 12 months and older. It also has programs for older and elite gymnasts. They have classes in the fall and spring as well as summer classes. The toddler class is for children 12 mo. to 3 years old and their parents features some focus on skills as well as some time for the children to explore all of the equipment. In addition, Bull City Gymnastics can be reserved for group parties and birthdays.

What we liked: It was a group party that brought us to Bull City Gymnmastics for the first time. My toddler had the chance to just explore and play for the whole time. He loved the foam pit and the trampoline, but he also had the chance to explore the floor area with balls, the bouncy castle, and several circuits with bars, beams, mats, trampolines, and lots of other things to explore. It was great to have so much active equipment for my child to explore.

What we would change: There are apparently free gym times for the older children, but there are no free gym times for the little ones. It would be great if we could just head down there and play without having to go to a more structured class. However, while kids still have to go to a class, during the summer Bull City does have the option of a drop-in punch card process so you don't have to attend every class which is nice.

Website and other information: Bull City Gymnastics is located off of 15-501 in Northern Durham.


Address: 4502 Bennett Memorial Rd., Durham, NC 27705

Phone Number: (919) 383-3600


1. Some of the equipment at Bull City Gymnastics

2. One of two foam pits

3. A look across the gym at the floor mat, bouncy castle, rope, and some of the bars and beams in the distance

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