Monday, April 12, 2010

Edison Johnson

What it is: Edison Johnson is actually a large community center that offers a lot of kids' art classes, has an indoor pool for lessons and open swimming, and yes, it also has a playground. The community center is currently being fixed up, so it will be closed until Memorial Day 2010, but the playground is still open. It has a large sand play area, with a water feature, and a water spray area, plus slides and swings.

What we like: This playground is nice when the other ones are muddy from recent rain, it doesn't get muddy and dries up quick.

What we would change: Some shade would be nice, mid-day is bright there.

Website and directions: Edison Johnson is tucked away right next to the Museum of Life and Science, behind a row of trees, so you need to look for the sign and turn into the parking lot before you'll see the whole thing.

Website: (This website at least has a map. I've found that Durham's website is not the best for information about their recreation centers.)

Address: 600 West Murray Avenue, Durham, NC 27704


1. A view of the park and center as you drive by

2. A close-up view

3. The information sign about their closure and upcoming activities

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