Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kids Together Playground- Marla Dorrel Park

What it is: Marla Dorrel Park is located in Cary and consists of a 2-acre, Kids Together Playground with picnic shelter, an open field and a basketball court. It is designed as a playground in a garden with lots of trees, plants, flowers and botanical benches.

What we like: This is a great playground with excellent play equipment. There are two different play areas, one more for younger toddler and one for older children. All of the play areas have ramps leading up to them which make them very accessible and are fenced in.

The playground also has several different sand play areas that have playhouses, sand scoopers and a river of sand. So be sure to bring some sand toys to play with. Some of the sandy play areas are also shaded for hot days.

There is also a great shaded picnic area (see below picture) that makes for a great snack or lunch location.

Website and other important information:

Address: Marla Dorrell Park, 111 Thurston Drive, Cary, NC

One of the play structures

One of the sandy play areas

Shaded picnic area

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