Saturday, April 17, 2010

St. Stephen's Playground

Every time we think we've found every great playground in Durham, another one appears! This is one of the best we've found yet.

What it is: This playground is located in Durham off of Hwy. 751. It is a part of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church and Preschool. However, they open it up to the public after 1 pm. This playground covers a huge area with tall trees throughout. There are two swingsets at opposite ends as well as two large wooden play structures and numerous other plastic and wooden structures to play with. There are also two sandboxes at opposite ends for your child to enjoy.

What we liked:
St. Stephen's playground has lots to recommend it. One of the best parts was the fence surrounding it! Even though it is large and has lots to do, there's still a fence, so moms don't have to be worried about their little one running off. In addition, the tall trees provide shade without blocking one's view of the whole area.

What we would change: One of the few drawbacks is that you can't go to the playground at any time, but waiting until 1 is not too much of a hardship. In addition, with all of the shade and woods, we wondered if it might get a bit buggy in the summer, but we have not been there in the summer to check that fact out. One of the few other difficulties that we found was because of the sheer size, it's hard to get your toddler out when it's time to leave. It's a long way to lead a toddler across a playground that large when they don't want to go!

Website and directions: This playground is located off of Hwy. 751 in Durham. Turn off of 751 onto Rugby Rd. and then stay left on Kimberly to reach the church and playground.

Website: (no information about playground on website)


82 Kimberly Dr.
Durham, NC 27707

Phone: 919-493-5451
Fax: 919-493-5452


1. The St. Stephen's sign clearly inviting the public to play

2. A view from one side of the playground to the other

3. One play structure

4. The other play structure

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