Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sutton Station

What it is: Sutton Station is a mix of shops, restaurants, and apartments located off of Fayetteville Rd. just north of I-40. There are a variety of shops including a wine shop, a lovely day spa, a place to buy edible arrangements for gifts, and several others. In addition there are some great restaurants: a grill, an italian restaurant, and an american style eatery. This collection of restaurants, shops, and homes all surrounds a grassy courtyard with a fountain.

What we like: While there are several stores, we never really go there to shop. The reason that I included Sutton Station in this blog for kids and their parents is the atmosphere that is created on a nice spring or summer evening. Two restaurants, Bocci and Nantucket Grill surround a grassy courtyard. On certain summer nights the outdoor tables at the restaurants fill up, and live music starts up in the courtyard.

While the restaurants are fun, it is just as much fun to just head out to the courtyard and enjoy the scene. There are usually a bunch of families just running around in the courtyard playing and dancing to the music. Our family has headed down there before just to enjoy the music for a little while and play in the courtyard and the fountain, or you can just get drinks or desserts from Nantucket to have a small treat. Another perk of Sutton Station is that it backs on the American Tobacco trail, so you can either bike or walk there or just take a little walk before stopping by to hear the music.

What we would change: While Sutton Station is a great place to sit and enjoy yourself or get a good meal, we wish there were more stores and restaurants so that there were more options. I wouldn't go there to go shopping, and that would be an added bonus. Plus, the courtyard is located next to the parking lot, so you do have to watch out so that your little ones don't run into the street.

Website and Directions: Sutton Station is located on Fayetteville Rd. just north of I-40 in South Durham.

Website: http://www.suttonstation.com/

Address: 5836 Fayetteville Road, Suite 201, Durham, NC 27713 (This is the address for the office of Sutton Station, but it will work to get directions.)


1. A view of one side of the courtyard and the fountain

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