Saturday, April 3, 2010

Trinity Park

What it is: Trinity Park is the heart for the neighborhood of the same name (and comes from Duke University's old name, Trinity College). It's a hop and a skip from Duke's East Campus, and surrounded by well-established big houses. It has a large play structure and swings, plus a fenced-in toddler area, and a large gazebo with picnic tables, and a large lawn.

What we like about it: The larger and smaller play areas make it easy to manage kids of different age groups, and there's usually a few other kids there so it feels alive. Plus, the fenced play area for the little ones lets the kids play without their parents having to worry about them running too far away. Trinity Park is home to a great Halloween party for kids, and on summer weekends, they have music there. The kids love the Chinese Lantern tree pods, and the chestnut tree, to collect pocket treasures from.

What we would change: The play structures are great in the spring, and the early mornings, but by mid-morning the sun can make the slides too hot. It would be great if the neighborhood association (which does a lot of the beautiful upkeep for the park) would add a shade-sail over those. In addition, since it is surrounded by streets, you do have to keep a close eye on toddlers that want to roam. The only parking available is street parking (and I'm not a great parallel parker), but it was pretty easy to find a spot on the weekday afternoon when we visited.

Website and other important information: Trinity Park is at the intersection of Watts and Trinity, a block East of Duke's East Campus.


Address: 410 Watts St. Durham, NC 27701


1. A view of the park gazebo and playgrounds

2. The gazebo from the other side with grassy field

3. The larger playground

4. The smaller playground with fence

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