Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Durham Farmer's Market

What it is: This is one of the best places to get fresh local food and ingredients in the area. Over 50 local vendors come out on Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon in downtown Durham to sell their wares. Typically there are fruits and vegetables, plants such as herbs, local meats and cheese, some craft vendors, and other local treats. There are definitely quite a few vendors to take a look at and enjoy.

What we like:
We love the fact that there's a farmer's market in Durham, and we love getting out there and supporting our local businesses. It's just a great atmosphere with crowds of people on a Saturday morning shopping and having a good time. We like the fact that it's bringing Durham together as a community. From the viewpoint of the parents of a toddler, it's a great place to bring them just so they can see the sights and smell the smells. Plus, there's a park across the street if they need a bit of room to stretch their legs. It's also a free activity which also makes it better in my book!

What we would change:
This is a tough one. It's hard to think of things, but I guess if we had to change anything, we would make it larger so there was even more to see.

Website and other important information:
The Durham Farmer's Market is located off of Foster St. in Downtown Durham.

Website: www.durhamfarmersmarket.com

Address: 501 Foster Street, Durham, NC 27701

Phone Number: (919) 667-3099

Hours: Saturdays 8am to Noon (April to November), Wednesdays 3:30pm-6:30pm (May to September, Saturdays 10am to Noon (December to March)


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