Friday, May 14, 2010

Meadowmont YMCA

Summer is almost here, and with the warm weather comes swimming! Everyone's always interested in finding a new, fun pool for the summer. We're going to try to find out as much as we can. Please let us know your favorite place to take your kids for some summer swimming fun!

What it is: This time, we're headed to the Meadowmont YMCA in Chapel Hill. This is a great pool that offers both free swim time and lessons. You have the option to become a member, buy a ten-swim pass, or pay individually. There are two pools at the Meadowmont YCMA-the lap pool, and a family pool just for playing complete with slide and mushroom fountain.

What we like: We definitely like the flexibility in options for paying and enjoying the pool. It's nice that non-members can come and enjoy the pool whenever they want if they're willing to pay. We also love the design of the family pool. It's zero entry which is perfect for young ones just getting used to the water. We also liked their swimming lesson program and had a good experience in their program for babies and toddlers last summer.

What we would change: While we like the various payment options, it is a bit expensive. The cost definitely limits the amount of times we can come to the pool. (One nice way to minimize the cost is to come for swim lessons and then stay and play. It gives everyone a nice long time at the pool.) Another difficulty we encountered was their cancellation policy for baby swim lessons. They only cancelled if there was lightning, so we were out there with our little ones on some pretty cold and rainy days last June. It would have been nice if they would have rescheduled some of the colder days so our babies could have gotten more enjoyment out of the lessons.

Website and other Important Information: The Meadowmont YMCA is located off of Hwy. 54 in Chapel Hill in the Meadowmont neighborhood.


Hours: The complete summer schedule varies according to month, but here is their schedule for May.

Opens May 21st, weekends only at this point
Lap Pool Open Fri, Sat, and Sun 3:30pm-7pm
Family Pool Open Fri, Sat, and Sun 10am-7pm


2010 Ten-Visit Pass: Youth and Seniors: $40, Adults $75, Kids under 2 Free
Individual Visits: Youth and Seniors: $5, Adults $10, Kids under 2 free


1. Image of the lap pool courtesy of the YMCA website


Jill said...

I was wondering about staying to play after swim lessons? Does that work or do you have to pay anyway?

The Stir Crazy Moms said...

Last year, they said it was okay for us to stay and play. However, you should probably call them to get the official policy.

Anonymous said...

They actually have a sign that says that is NOT allowed. You must leave after lesson or pay the daily fee.

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