Saturday, May 8, 2010

What it is: This is a website that allows people to buy gift certificates for restaurants in the area at a discounted price. If you're a member (which is free), you receive e-mails which offer huge discounts so you can purchase $25 gift certificates for as little as $2! We know that it is not a particularly local website, but the moms in our group have found discounts for a ton of local restaurants, so we thought everyone would find it useful.

What we like: We love that you can get the huge discounts with no membership fee. We also like what a variety of restaurants you have to choose from. They have gift certificates for places you can take the kids such as Cold Stone Creamery and a Rita's branch in Cary. They also have gift certificates for nicer restaurants such as Piedmont, The Melting Pot, and Restaurant Eden so that when you finally get a date night out you can afford to enjoy yourself.

What we would change: Of course, we would include more restaurants in their list so we had even more options to choose from. In addition, you have to make sure you check the restrictions for each restaurant before you buy the certificate because some restaurants have some pretty significant restrictions.


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