Sunday, May 30, 2010

Triangle Boat Tours

What it is: Triangle Boat Tours is a new business to the area. They offer boat tours on Jordan Lake for birthdays, special occasions, kids' parties, or anytime. It is owned by a fellow Durham mom, and it a great, unique opportunity for kids and adults to get out on the water. We checked out Triangle Boat Tours at their inaugural "Pirate and Princess Play date" at which they offered pirate-themed crafts, face painting, a treasure hunt, and music in addition to the boat ride. The boat ride itself was a 20-minute tour of the lake with the "pirate" boat captain and visits to the "king's boat" and other sights around the lake. The boat launched at the Ebenezer Church Recreation Area which also has a playground, picnic shelter, and beach.

What we liked: We loved the boat ride itself! My toddler absolutely loved being out on the water, and the length of the tour and "pirate" captain were a perfect fit for a kids' boat tour. Everyone was very nice and friendly and good with the kids. They made us feel welcome and made sure that we were all having a good time. My child was very nervous and scared to get on the boat, but everyone was so supportive with him so he was smiling and enjoying the experience in no time. In addition, there were lots of other things for us to do besides the boat ride like the crafts, other activities, beach, and playground.

What we would change: The only factor that would limit us from taking more boat tours is the price. Since it is a new business, the exact prices for some things are still being set, but there are some prices listed on the website. Taking a tour as a family, having a birthday party, or other type of boat tour, while they sound fabulous, also seem a bit out of our price range. However, when compared with other boat tours and similar adventures in the area, they are very reasonable and you really are getting quite a bit for the money! They are contemplating having play dates such as the one that we attended again in the future, including one in June. If they do, this option would be more reasonable and we would definitely head back again. (We only paid $10 for two of us at this inaugural event, but this might change in the future.) If you have any specific questions about price, please contact them for more information.

Website and other important information: The boat launched from Ebenezer Church Recreation Area at Jordan Lake for the pirate and princess playdate. This area is located off of 64 at Beaver Creek Rd. I don't know if this is their only launch site or not.


Phone Number: (919) 699-4429

Contact: Heidi Watkins


1. a view of the lake

2. The playground

3. The pirate festivities under the picnic shelter

4. The boat

4. One of the sights we saw on our lake tour-"the King's boat" with the princess aboard


chapelhillmom said...

I am so glad you guys went on this, and think we have the same friends! Glad that it was enjoyable and went well, and look forward to trying it out ourselves this summer.

The Stir Crazy Moms said...

Thanks for commenting! We love your blog, and it seems to fit really nicely with ours. It would be fun to meet up sometime and share ideas! Would you mind if we linked your blog to ours?

chapelhillmom said...

Aw, thanks so much! Like I said- you all are inspirational and I love it. A meet up would be great.
And yes, please feel free to link. I have linked to you all in-blogposts, but haven't figured out how to do badges yet (working with a friend on that).

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