Saturday, June 12, 2010

Foster's Market

What it is: Foster's Market is a casual restaurant/foodie store serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are two Foster's restaurants, one in Chapel Hill (off of what was formerly Airport Rd./now MLD Blvd.) and one in Durham. We profiled the Foster's in Durham.

What we liked: Foster's is a great place for a tasty, casual brunch and the building itself is well-suited to dining with kids. There are only a few tables inside, but outdoors there are picnic tables, shaded seating, and plenty of room to wander and explore. The food is also quite kid-friendly: they serve eggs and biscuits and breakfast (until 11:30), burritos, bagels, and lots of baked goods. At lunch they have one or two hot items--the selections change daily--and sandwiches, more baked goods, and a huge display of cold veggie and pasta salads. Everything works on the honor system here, too, so you can keep coming back for more or decide you need to add a drink or two to your order and you don't have to pay for it until you leave.

What we would change: Although Foster's has friendly, amiable service, they can be a bit slow. When its busy it tends to be chaotic at the counter and the staff doesn't always get to everyone in a timely manner. The meals are also a bit pricey, but they tend to be large, so its best to order something from the hot-menu (dished out to you instantly), grab a roll or biscuit, and split it with your toddler. Also, you may want to steer your toddler clear of the baked-goods window. Those ginger snap cookies are mighty yummy and *right* at 2 yr. old eye-level.

Website and other important information: Foster's Market is located off of 15-501 business in central Durham, near the intersection of 15-501 and University.

Address: 2694 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd., Durham


Hours: 7:30 am-8:30 pm daily

Random FYI: The Foster's in Chapel Hill has a slightly different menu--they serve tasty pizzas whereas the one in Durham does not. Foster's CH is also a family-friendly restaurant, but there isn't quite as much space to run around.


1. the entrance (Yeah, it's in there somewhere.) with outside seating on both sides

2. the view from the back patio

3. an item off the hot menu: squash casserole with lentils and chicken pot pie

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