Saturday, June 19, 2010

Herndon Hills Farm

What it is: We have been anxiously waiting on the opening of Herndon Hills Farm this summer. After some wonderful strawberry picking at other farms this spring, we couldn't wait to try our hand at blueberry and blackberry picking. This weekend Herndon Hills, located minutes from Southpoint Mall, opened and with it comes the opportunity for people to grab a bucket and pick as many blueberries as they want and if they're lucky, some blackberries too. Later in the year, they also have grapes to pick.

What we liked: We love the opportunity to pick our own delicious berries and teach our sons where their food actually comes from. My child had a great time running through the berry patch with his bucket, picking berries and placing the majority straight into his mouth. In addition, it is in a convenient part of town to get to. Parking is easy and pricing is reasonable, so it's a great way to spend a morning.

What we would change: I've noticed it can get pretty hot out there, as can be expected in berry picking, so make sure that you dress appropriately with sunscreen, hat, etc. The one other minor drawback that we have noticed is the small amount of blackberries. If you don't get there really early in the morning, then there are no more blackberries available for that day. We were there by 9am today and didn't even get any.

Website and other important information: Herndon Hills Farm is located in South Durham near Southpoint Mall.

Website: (While Herndon Hills does not have its own website, this site has information on it and many other U-Pick farms in the area.)

Harvest Dates: Blueberries can be harvested from Late June through July, and grapes can be harvested late August through September. Please call for specific dates.

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday: 7am-noon

Pricing: $2.75/lb. for both blueberries and blackberries

Address: 7110 Massey Chapel Road, Durham, NC 27713.

Phone: 919-544-3313


(A view of the farm)

(An up close view of one of the blueberry plants. Don't worry, we had already relieved it of all of it's ripe, blue blueberries.)


@sweetbabboo said...

Definitely doing this. Thanks for the heads-up.


Anonymous said...

Thank you all for coming. Our farm is intended for individuals and families who are interested in picking their own fruit. While children are welcome, we do ask that you supervise children at all times. Our farm is small, and it is our home. Please be aware that our income comes only from fruit that makes it to the scale at check-out. Please be good guests.

--Nancy Herndon, Herndon Hills Farm

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