Friday, July 16, 2010


What it is: Champps is a restaurant located in the Streets at Southpoint.  It serves all-American fare while you can view your favorite sports event on their many televisions.

What we liked: We were just over in Southpoint yesterday doing some evening shopping with the family and thought we would grab dinner.  We wanted a place we could actually sit down and relax a little, so we tried Champps.  I've been to all of the restaurants in Southpoint countless times, but never with kids.  So, I was interested to see how it fared as a kid-friendly restaurant.  Turns out, it was a great place to take my toddler.  We sat back by the kitchen which has a large window opening into it, so the kitchen as well as the large TV's spaced around the restaurant provided some toddler entertainment.  In addition, they brought a kids' menu and crayons for additional entertainment.  There were quite a few choices on the kids' menu itself, all reasonably priced.  Plus, the best part was that a fairly good-sized kids' sundae came with the meal.  His meal of quesadilla, fruit, and sundae was all under $5 (We brought our own drink.), and the whole family could share a couple sweet bites of the sundae at the end of the meal.

Another plus is the location.  We are always at Southpoint for some reason or another, so it's nice to have kid-friendly options for food.  While we frequently stop at the food court or Panera for a quick, tasty bite, it's always nice to have a place to go where you can sit down and relax a little (as much as you can with small children anyway).  We are yet to attempt any of the other sit-down restaurants at Southpoint with kids.  Does anyone else have any experience with any of these places?  If so, please let us know what you think.

What we would change:  We found the quality of the food to be hit or miss there, probably because there are so many different items on the menu.  My husband thoroughly enjoyed his burger, while my pasta dish had great pasta but pretty dry chicken.  The food was good enough though that I would go back for another relaxing meal with my family and try something different off the menu.

Website and other important information: Champps is located in South Durham in the Streets at Southpoint.


Address: 8030 Renaissance Parkway, Durham

Phone Number: 919-361-3393


1. A view of the restaurant from out table

2. The open view of the kitchen

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SfChick04 said...

My husband and I went there on Monday (it was a date, so no kids), but plan on going back next Monday with our kids - on Monday's the hamburgers are half price (our meals were $4.50 each!). That would make mommy and daddy's meal about the same price as brother and sisters =). The drinks are expensive ($2.39 each), so plan on water.

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