Friday, July 30, 2010

For Garden's Sake

What it is: For Garden's Sake is a nursery located in S. Durham off of Hwy. 751.  They sell a wide variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants as well as pots and other necessary gardening supplies.  Since moving in to a house with a garden that needs some help and having little gardening knowledge we have been heading down there to buy supplies and get advice.  They also provide lawn and landscaping services when requested.  But there's another reason that they merit an entry on the blog.  In addition to the nursery, there are also goats, swans and ducks, and even alpacas for kids to take a look at.

What we liked: Of course, we really appreciated all of the fun sights for kids to take in while we shop.  We would usually have one parent work on the shopping while the other parent wandered around with our son taking in the sights.  It was so nice to keep him occupied while we were trying to figure out the confusing world of gardening.  I've also had friends bring their kids down there just to look at the animals.  The goats and birds are located within sight of the nursery, while the alpacas are harder to find on the other side of the nursery behind some black buildings housing plants.  There are several benches strategically positioned near the animals so that you can just sit and watch them.  There's even a small fountain in the building where you check out that my son found endlessly entertaining.  One of my son's favorite parts was actually just watching the many butterflies that were hovering around all the flowers.

What we would change: The parking lot and trek between the nursery, the goats, and the alpacas is gravel, so it makes stroller travel a bit tricky.  In addition, my foot managed to find some fire ants over by the goats, so you might want to watch your feet in that area even though I don't think they were widespread.

Website and other important information: For Garden's Sake is located off of Hwy. 751 in extreme South Durham.


Address: 9157 NC Highway 751 Durham, NC 27713

Phone Number: 919-484-9759

Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-5:30pm, Sunday 10am-4pm


1. A view of the nursery from the road

2. The goats come to the fence to say hi.

3. The swan and ducks in front of the pond

4. The alpacas sit in the shade.

5. One of the butterflies that entranced my son

6. The fountain in the checkout building

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