Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hope Valley Farms Swim and Racquet Club

What it is:  Looking for a place to cool down this summer?  The HVF club is a very family friendly, membership-only pool and tennis court located in the Hope Valley Farms neighborhood.  Any Durham resident can get a membership (either a full, summer, or tennis/fitness room membership).

What we liked:  There is a covered, gated baby pool area and a large pool with slide.  Kids can bring any toys or flotation devices that they want.  Swim classes are offered to both members and guests for a fee.  Members can rent a covered picnic area for parties.  The tennis courts are clay and apparently a lot of fun to play on (can't speak from experience, however!).  The fitness center has 4 treadmills, several bikes, an elliptical machine, weight machine and free weights.  It's accessible in the early morning and late evenings with a card.  Out of town guests are welcome to use the facilities without fees.  Members are supposed to pay for local guests (but this is rarely enforced).  :)  There are regularly scheduled clubhouse activites throughout the year.  We've enjoyed the visits from Santa, the Easter bunny, and holiday pool parties.  We haven't yet tried the movie nights for kids, camps in the summer, or a number of other activities they offer.

What we would change:  The PRICE! - It can be costly for a full family membership for the year.  They could also use a diving board at the pool.

Website and other important information: Hope Valley Farms Swim and Racquet Club is located in the Hope Valley Farms neighborhood in South Durham.
Address: 4818 S. Roxboro St, Durham , NC  27713 
Phone and Fax: (919) 493-7226-Phone (919) 402-8830-Fax

Membership Costs:
Full Membership Includes privileges to the pool, tennis courts, fitness room, and social events year round.  One-time initiation fee - $375 Family, $275 Couple, $225 Single, $125 Senior
Dues - $212/qtr Family, $198/qtr Couple, $140/qtr Single or Senior

Summer Membership
Includes privileges to the pool from early May to end of Sept 30th 
$840 Family, $740 Couple, $560 Single

Tennis &  Fitness Room Membership
Includes privileges to the tennis courts, fitness room, and social events year round
One-time initiation fee - $125 Couple/Family, $100 Single
Quarterly Dues - $132 Couple/Family, $102 Single


1. A view of the pool (Thanks to the reader who pointed out an error with the previous picture, HA!)

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