Friday, July 9, 2010

Packaging Depot

We don't usually write about stores, but there are those out there that make shopping so much easier for moms or have hidden fun in store for the kids.  We like to include those because it's amazing how much better my day is when I have been shopping with a happy, interested toddler instead of one that keeps getting into trouble and being bored.

What it is: So, I've found Packaging Depot to be one of those stores that I mentioned that makes life much easier for me.  They have been in the Homestead Market shopping center near Southpoint helping people out with all of their packaging and mailing needs for 18.5 years.  My family has been going there for about 8 years and have enjoyed supporting a local business and working with someone that we know and trust.

What we liked:  So, the last time I went to Package Depot was a few weeks ago.  I had a present for my husband's grandfather that was REALLY late.  In addition, I had run out of tape and did not have the package labeled.  I find that I'm always really disorganized when it comes to mailing things.  So, I head into the store after the ordeal of getting the newborn out of the car and into the stroller, the toddler walking beside me, and the package under the stroller.  We wrestled with the door, got everyone inside, and I was already tired.  However, once we got inside it all got a bit easier.  While  I was spending quite a few minutes trying to get my package ready to go (with much assistance from the owner), my son happily ran over to the toy area in the corner and played with the trains the whole time I was mailing my package!  Not once did I have to go get him or tell him to stop playing with something.  It was so nice!  Apparently, the small toy area was started in an attempt to get kids to stop playing with their bubble wrap and it's been there ever since!

We also like the owners.  Wayne and Susan Wartell definitely make you feel at home.  Their dogs, Lulu and Sadie (preceded by the much-loved Kali), are in the store and a part of the whole experience.  Pictures of the dogs with people and in various costumes line the walls for kids to look at.  Plus, they even celebrate the dogs birthdays in the stores when they roll around.

What we would change: There's only one counter with the owners working, so sometimes you can run into a little bit of a wait during busy times. 

Website and other important information: Packaging Depot is located in the Homestead Market Shopping Center in S. Durham near Southpoint. 

They do not currently have a website.

Address: 103 West Hwy. 54, Suite 265, Durham, NC 27713

Telephone: (919) 544-9446
Fax: (919) 544-9209


1. The store's sign from the outside

2. Their small, but very helpful toy area

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