Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Starbucks at Southpoint Crossing

What it is: Starbucks at the Southpoint Crossing Shopping Center-A coffee shop that is kid-friendly!

What we liked: This Starbucks has plenty of indoor seating, including two cozy oversized chairs to enjoy.  If outdoors is more your style, several tables with large umbrellas keep the area shaded while you enjoy a variety of cars and trucks passing through the nearby parking lot.  If you are planning to head out for a run or walk, a short walk down the sidewalk will lead you to a trail that goes behind the Southpoint Crossing Shopping Center and connects to the American Tobacco Trail (ATT).  If shopping is your preferred activity for the day, there are several shops within the shopping center (including Kroger, Blockbuster, Hallmark, and Bull City Running).

What we would change: The outdoor area sits very close to the curb and surrounding parking lot, which can present a safety risk for some children.

Website and other important information: This kid-friendly Starbucks is located at the NE corner of Hwy. 54 and Fayetteville Rd. in South Durham.   Just visit their website to find countless other locations in the Triangle area.

Website: Starbucks.com

Address: 202 W NC Highway 54, Durham

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