Friday, August 6, 2010

AMF Durham Lanes

What it is: AMF Durham Lanes is another great bowling alley in the area.  They have bowling with ramps and bumpers for the toddlers as well as an arcade and cafe.

What we liked: We went last week and had another great time toddler bowling.  My son and the other toddlers that went had a great time putting the lighter (6 lb.) ball up onto the ramp and rolling it down the lane.  While my son stayed at the lane the whole time, some of the other boys had a great time heading back to the arcade. 

The best part was that the bowling was FREE!  AMF bowling is offering a deal where you can head to their website (> ) and get a coupon for two free games per child per day!  In addition, if you want to bowl yourself, you can also sign up and pay $27 as an adult and bowl for the rest of the summer for that price.  Its a great activity when it is too hot outside and the price is definitely right!

What we would change: The one annoying fact about bowling here in contrast to our other toddler bowling experience was that they have a foul line here.  If the child accidentally pushes the ramp over the foul line at the beginning of the ramp their score will register as a foul.  This happened a lot with our active group of boys!

Website and other important information: AMF Durham Lanes is located off of 15-501 just North of its intersection with Garrett Rd.


Address: 4508 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd., Durham, NC 27707

Phone Number:  (919) 489-9154


Mon 12pm - 12am
Tues 9am - 2am
Wed-Thurs 9am - 12am
Fri-Sat 11am - 2am
Sun 9am - 12am

*While these are the posted hours, you may want to call and confirm.  Another Stir Crazy Mom showed up one weekday morning after 9am and they were still closed.


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