Saturday, August 14, 2010

Babies R Us vs. Buy Buy Baby

I'm sure almost everyone who is reading this blog has been to at least one of these two stores.  Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby are the two of the baby superstores in the area, selling everything baby related from diapers to cribs to toys of all shapes and sizes.  While both of the stores are very similar, I thought it would be helpful to really look at what is good and not so good about each of the stores.

What we liked: We love the fact that both of the stores have absolutely everything you need to take care of your baby or toddler.  You can create a registry in both stores to plan what you need for your new additions.  Both stores conveniently offer coupons.  Buy Buy Baby accepts both their own store coupons and current Bed Bath and Beyond coupons that have not expired.  While both stores have coupons, be careful because there are exclusions on what they can be used on, like diapers and certain brands on strollers.  One of the great things that I learned about from Buy Buy Baby recently was that they offer a 10% off coupon for completing your registry purchases when your baby is born.  This coupon is able to be used on many items that regular coupons are not, such as BOB strollers.

We also really like both stores' selections on the items that we need for our children.  They have clothes, toys, diapers, food and snacks, furniture, and countless other items.  Babies R Us has a huge selection of sleepers, onsies, and all different types of clothes.  While Buy Buy Baby also has clothes, they seem to have less of a selection.  They have some different items that Babies R Us does not have, but as a whole their prices seem to be higher.  In contrast, Buy Buy Baby has a greater selection on items such as toddler dishes, sippy cups, and silverware.  Their walls are filled to the ceilings with all different varieties of types of dishes.  While there are definitely differences in the brands and selection of the other items in the stores, those seem to be the most visible differences.

One nice benefit of heading to Buy Buy Baby is that you can also stop there to get some portraits of your child.  While Buy Buy Baby has a portrait studio, this particular location of Babies R Us does not.

What we would change: When shopping at Babies R Us, I have noticed recently that it is difficult to get help, and when I do find help, many times they do not know the answer to my question.  In contrast, the employees at Buy Buy Baby seem eager to help.

They also both have websites for online purchasing.  However, I have found that Buy Buy Baby's website seems to have a small selection, especially in some types of furniture.  Babies R Us seems to have more items on their website. 

Overall, both of these stores are nice options when you need to do some shopping for your babies and toddlers.  They both have areas where they are the best option, and they both have items where they are the best price. Right now, I think we prefer heading to Buy Buy Baby for a shopping trip to look for interesting items or a gift.  Perhaps because it's newer than Babies R Us so the items are more novel to me right now.  However, if I'm just picking up a staple item, I usually head to Babies R Us, probably because I know where to get what I need and what to expect.  So, check them both out and let us know what you think.  If you know of any more major differences that we should know about, please share.

Website and other important information: Buy Buy Baby is located in the New Hope Commons shopping center on 15-501 just North of I-40.  Babies R Us is located in the Renaissance shopping center across Fayetteville Rd. from Southpoint Mall.

Websites:  Babies R Us ( Buy Buy Baby (


*Buy Buy Baby: 5430 New Hope Commons Dr, Durham, NC 27707, Phone: (919) 489-4095

*Babies R Us: 7001 Fayettville Road, Durham, NC 27713, Phone: (919) 544-9024


1. Buy Buy Baby outside

2. The entrance to Buy Buy Baby

3. Dishes and bottles to the ceiling

4. Babies R Us from the outside

5. Th entrance to Babies R Us


Brian Burt said...

I much prefer Buy Buy Baby. The staff there seem super friendly and appreciate your business. I am also not sure if Babies R Us reinstated their gift wrap station but Buy Buy Baby has a nice one with more varied supplies. I drive the extra distance for this store.

Jason's Deli is also right there and is a nice place to stop for lunch with the young-uns if you in the area.

The only pisser is that the shopping center seems a little harder to get in and out.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Buy Buy Baby. They have some higher end items in store that BRU doesn't carry. The employees actually help you and can actually be found when you need help. It doesn't seem to ruin their day if you ask a question or need help.
Also, they take BRU coupons! I boycott BRU as much as possible given that they seem to go out of their way to send or give out coupons and then contrive ways to not allow people to use them. Yes BBB has exclusions on their coupons but they aren't mean or sneaky about them. Example of what I mean- a BRU employee told me that an item that was for 6 months & up (even had INFANT) on the box did not qualify for the 20% off any Baby item coupon. According to her a 6 month old was no longer a baby and such an item didn't qualify as a baby item. She refused to see if the coupon would even scan or work. Ridiculous.
So sometimes I drive by the Southpoint exit and keep going if I really need something or need help.

Meredith said...

While I like Buy Buy Baby very much, I've had absolutely ZERO of the negative experiences others have had at BRU. We've always had good customer service and excellent success with the coupons there.

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful feature of Buy Buy Baby is the nursing room. It is completely private with two gliders and low lighting. love it! And, just across the hall from the nursing room is a great changing station with all supplies. What a nice amenity! Thank you, BBB!

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