Wednesday, August 18, 2010


What is it: When we posted the entry on Marble Slab and Cold Stone Creamery, someone recommended another sweet treat option, Goodberry's.  So, this week, we headed up to North Durham to check it out.  This sweet treat is a frozen custard stand located in North Durham off of Roxboro St.  This local business also has eight other locations, primarily in Raleigh, Cary, and Garner.  At Goodberry's, you can order frozen custard in a several flavors (chocolate, vanilla, and a flavor of the day) with a variety of toppings.  They can make a Carolina Concrete in which they mix toppings in with your chosen flavor of frozen custard.  Once you order, you can enjoy your custard on their outdoor patio with a fountain for toddler and kiddie entertainment.

What we liked: I thought that this place would be just another ice cream stand, but when I tasted the custard, I realized I was wrong, it tasted fabulous.  I would definitely move this up into my top 5 sweet treats in Durham.  I had the special feature of the day which was a Carolina Concrete of vanilla custard with cherries and chocolate mixed in.  I loved it!  Everything just tasted homemade and unique.  In addition, while they didn't have indoor seating, their patio was fairly toddler friendly.  It has a big brick fence almost completely surrounding it so even though there's a parking lot nearby, you can let your toddler have a little running room.  They also have a fountain in the middle of the patio which can provide endless entertainment.

I also really liked its location.  I've been looking for some place to head after a trip to the Museum of Life and Science.  This is only minutes away, and it has a Chick-Fil-A next door for a quick bite before the custard.  I think the museum, Chick-Fil-A, and Goodberry's to finish it off sounds like a great outing!  Our reader that tipped us off about Goodberry's also mentioned that it can be combined with a trip to the nearby Lowes.

What we would change: The negative is that there's nowhere inside that you can sit, so you would have to take your custard to-go if there was inclement weather.  However, they do sell pints for just that purpose.

Website and other important information: The Goodberry's in Durham is located off of N. Roxboro near the intersection with Carver.


Address: 3906 North Roxboro Rd., Durham, NC - (919) 477-2552


1. A view from the parking lot

2. The patio with brick wall and fountain

3. Our delicious treats-chocolate with M&M's and Cherries and Chocolate with hot fudge

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A Southern Accent said...

We sooo need one of these in southern Durham!

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