Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Southern Savers

What it is: Southern Savers is one of my favorite websites!  If you want to save money this is a great one to check out.  The website author posts information on freebies and free samples that she finds.  The most useful part for me, however, is her lists of all the deals at our local grocery stores and pharmacies.  She lists how the grocery store deals correspond with the newspaper coupons, so you can really save some money.  It's a lot of leg work that I otherwise would not have time to do.  In addition, she also has some information on how to get started saving money with coupons if you don't really know where to start.

What we liked:  Of course, I like her grocery store lists that I refer to whenever I make a shopping list.  I like that she includes a link to a printable coupon or freebie websites whenever she lists a deal on her website so you can just click on it.  My favorite is when a super doubles or triples week comes up at my grocery store she lists all of the items you can get for free with coupons.  In fact, there's a super double coupon week (doubling all coupons up to $1.98) coming up at Harris Teeter starting tomorrow so I went on and checked out all of the items I could get for free.  FYI, If you're going to try to take advantage of some of those double or triple deals at your grocery store, make sure to get there early on the first day they're offered because the free deals do sell out fast!

What we would change: On first glance the website does not look very approachable or attractive to me, maybe it's the size of the font or how it's laid out.  However, the information is so valuable it doesn't matter.  In addition, sometimes the information on the site doesn't quite match up with my local store because prices vary slightly.  It's usually not that much of a difference though.

Website: www.southernsavers.com

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