Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stage Door Dance

What it is: Stage Door Dance is a new dance studio located in Brier Creek next door to Frankie's.  They offer instruction in a wide variety of dance styles including hip hop, jazz, ballet, tumbling, clogging, zumba, and more.  They also offer private or semi-private lessons or birthdays.  For young children, whom they call Little Stars, they have quite a few dance classes like Creative Movement, Tumbling, Beat Boyz Tumble and Tap, or Hip Hoppin' Peeps.

We recently went to check out a trial class and had a great time.  The instructor/owner of the studio, Chasta, led our little 2 year-olds through some stretching, movement, and dancing along with songs which they really enjoyed such as the Sesame Street theme song.  She was very enthusiastic and my son really responded to her.  Kids were dancing and twirling all over the room.  My son particularly enjoyed when she brought out the props such as Beanie Babies, ribbons, and rhythm sticks.  Parents were given the opportunity to participate or not based on their child's level of comfort.

What we liked: We really had a great time at the class we attended, and I think it would be a great way to introduce any child to dance.  However, I was really interested in their class that was all for all boys (Beat Boyz Tumble and Tap).  I think that this class sounded like a unique offering that my son and other little boys would really enjoy. 

**Oh, and best of all...mention that you're a fan of Stir Crazy Moms to them when you call and you can receive a free trial class and half off registration!

What we would change: It was a great class and we had a great time.  At times, my son was a bit nervous didn't feel like participating as can happen with lots of toddlers in a new group setting, but the wonderful instructor Chasta helped him get enthusiastic and involved.  I think after he went to several classes he would feel completely comfortable.

Website and other important information: 

Address: 2720 Godley Lane Suite 101, Raleigh, NC 27617

Phone Number: (919) 720-3036

E-mail address: 

Photos: (courtesy of Stage Door Dance)

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