Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guglhupf Bakery

What it is:  Wow, I had to double check the spelling of this one quite a few times before I was actually sure I had it right.  Guglhupf Bakery, Patisserie, and Cafe is one of Durham's best eateries that serves up delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner fare as well as all variety of pastries and breads.  They pride themselves in serving local food with seasonal fresh ingredients as well as a variety of wines from small vineyards.  We've sampled their lunches-delicious, we've tried their pastries-decadent, and we've enjoyed their birthday cakes-yummy!  We haven't gone wrong yet.

When you arrive at Guglhuph, you can go to one of two places-the bakery or the restaurant.  The bakery has all variety of pastries including the delicious chocolate tart that my son and I sampled a few weeks ago.  In addition, they also have a small sampling of bottled sodas and beverages, sandwiches and cheeses.  If you head into the restaurant, you first stand in a line to order your food (sandwiches, salads, entrees, etc.) and get a number.  Then, after visiting either the bakery or the cafe, you can choose to sit inside the restaurant either upstairs or downstairs or outside on the patio.  If the weather is nice, the outside is definitely the toddler-friendly location.  While the inside also has fun decor for a toddler's eyes to watch, the outside is beautifully decorated with flowers and even fountains.

What we liked: The patio is a great relaxing location to sit and enjoy a meal or a treat while your toddler explores a little.  While they can't just run free because it is a restaurant, there is a lot to see.  When we were there, it was not very crowded, so I sat back in my chair under a shaded awning, enjoyed my fancy bottled root beer and chocolate tart (yes, I know, so healthy) while my son occupied himself for quite a while watching the water fall in the fountain and exploring the flowers and steps.  It was a wonderful peaceful outing!  In addition, every bit of food that we have tried there has been delicious.

What we would change: In looking at the dinner menu, it looks a bit pricey and fancy for the toddler crowd.  However, we have only been there for lunch.  Has anyone been there during dinner?  Is it as kid-friendly at that time?

Website and other important information: Guglhupf is located off of 15-501 Business just before its intersection with University.  It's nearby a great cluster of activities and food including Q-Shack and Fish Shack, Local Yogurt, Little Gym, Rockwood Park, and Fosters.


Address: 2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd. Suite #1, Durham, NC 27707

Phone Number: (919) 401-2600


Bakery-Monday (Closed), Tuesday-Friday (7:30am-6pm), Saturday (7:30am-5pm), Sunday (8:30am-2pm)

Cafe-Monday (Closed), Tuesday-Thursday (Breakfast 8am-11am, Lunch 11am-4:30pm, Dinner 5:30pm-9:30pm), Friday (Breakfast 8am-11am, Lunch 11am-4:30pm, Dinner 5:30pm-10pm), Saturday (Brunch 8am-4:30pm, Dinner 5:30pm-10pm), Sunday (Brunch 9am-3pm, Dessert 3pm-5pm)


1. The outside

 2. A view from my relaxing patio seat

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Tabitha said...

Because both my husband and I work full-time during the week we've only been to Guglhuph for dinner. Definitely the priciest of the places we eat out, but the food is delicious. Both times we've eaten at Guglhuph we've arrived around 5:30 pm. This is definitely a child friendly time to go. My husband and I love the crayons the wait staff provide for our son to color with on the paper table cloths. Our 2 year old son is entertained by the eclectic decor and Chinese lanterns. If those don't hold his attention long enough during the wait, there is plenty for him to see as we walk him around the outdoor patio. I'm not sure if there is a children's menu, however. Our son is generally happy to sample anything on mommy's or daddy's plate, so we rarely ask for one. My one caveat with evening dining is that the bakery is closed. Sure, we can sample desserts from the dessert menu, but I've heard the bakery is phenomenal. Next time I have a day off I'll have to head over at lunch time.

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