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AquaMoms Class - Healthy Moms

What it is:

Healthy Moms is an exercise program for pregnant or postpartum moms.  Some classes are just for mothers and others incorporate in babies and/or toddlers.  The classes are offered at various locations in Durham and Wake County and include:
  • Prenatal AquaMoms - a water aerobics class for pregnant mothers
  • AquaMoms - a  water aerobics class with babies
  • Intro to Pilates- for postpartum moms to restore abdominals
  • Mat I Pilates- for postpartum moms who've taken intro to pilates
  • Mom & Tot Fitness - an exercise class that incorporates in dance and music for walkers and up
  • Pre/post natal yoga
  • PowerStroll - for postpartum moms and babies
  • Moms, Babes and Balls
  • Total Body Conditioning

What we like:

I took the AquaMoms with baby class with my son when he was 18 months old.  It was offered at the Woodcroft Clubhouse during the summer.  It was a great way to get some exercise outside with my son and give him a chance to get comfortable in the water.  The class incorporated in music and free play at various points to keep his attention.  The facilities at the Woodcroft pool are nice and we could use the water slide briefly after class. 

I would recommend taking this class when your child is 6 or 9 months until 18 months at the oldest, depending on the size of your child.  My son was on the older side and it would have been better to take the class when he was a little younger since it involves a lot of lifting.

What we would change:

 Sometimes, I felt like I didn't get a great workout but I think it depends on the instructor and how many times you stop to play.  Some instructors are personal trainers and offer better workouts than others.  I took the PowerStroll class a few times and this was a great workout.  But it is also difficult to strike a balance between exercise and keeping your little one happy and occupied.  

The classes can be expensive at $14 per class if you sign up for the whole session (usually 10 weeks or longer) or $16 per class if you drop-in but they do offer discounts if you're a returning mom, belong to one of the gyms where the classes are offered or sign up early.  Also you typically can't stay afterward and swim in any of the pools. 

Website and other important information:

The classes in Durham county start on November 29th.  The session runs Nov 29 through Feb 26, with two weeks off Dec 19-Jan 2 for the holidays.

These classes include:

Tuesday:       6:00-7:00 pm        Prenatal AquaMoms®       D201      
Triangle Sportsplex, 1 Dan Kidd, Hillsborough*childcare* 
Thursday:      9:30-10:30 am     Mom & Baby TBC®            D401      
Move It Be Fit, 4810 Hope Valley Rd, Ste 107, Durham
                         6:30-7:30 pm   Prenatal AquaMoms®        D402      
Gold’s Gym RTP, 4700 Emperor Blvd, Durham
Saturday:       9:00-9:45 am        AquaMoms® w/Baby         D601     
 Gold’s Gym RTP, 4700 Emperor Blvd, Durham     
Please Note: Mom & Baby TBC will not begin until Thurs Dec 9, making this a 10-week course

To sign up visit their website at:

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