Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sport Clips

What it is: There are always so many options when getting your child's haircut.  Do you cut it yourself?  Do you go to the expensive kids' salon, or do you find somewhere else that has less frills but it also less expensive?  Option one is definitely out for us because if I were to cut my son's hair, he would look pretty awful.  For my son's first haircut, we sprung for the expensive salon. In this case, that was Peek-a-doo.  It was a good experience, we got our picture and our lock of baby hair, but it was pretty expensive for something that has to happen pretty regularly.  So, the option that we choose is option 3.  We have been to Great Clips in the past and have been fairly pleased.  Their prices are reasonable and the haircut looks fine, but I wanted to take my son some place that he would look forward to going to, if possible.

For our most recent haircut, we decided to try someplace new.  We headed down to Sport Clips near Southpoint Mall.  From the minute we walked in, I knew it would appeal to my son.  Everything has a sport theme and he immediately recognized the Duke banner hanging on the ceiling. (Don't worry, they also had a UNC banner.)  He also enjoyed the football playing on one of several large flat screen TV's, this one in the waiting area.  We didn't have too wait long, and then we were taken back. 

The stylist who cut my son's hair was very experienced in working with kids and it went very well.  However, my son typically does fairly well with haircuts.  My trick has been to ask for a lollipop at the beginning of the haircut instead of the end.  While the pop does run the risk of being covered with little hairs during the process, it definitely keeps my toddler happy.  The price was reasonable, only a couple dollars more than Great Clips, and his hair looks good.

What we liked: It is relatively inexpensive, but my son still enjoyed the experience because of the sports theme.  I feel like older boys in particular would like this place.  In addition, all good haircut places (in my opinion) need a stock of lollipops on hand, and they didn't disappoint.  Another benefit of heading to a place like this is the fact that you can just walk right in and not have to wait too long, especially if you head over there in the middle of a weekday.

What we would change: Their website states that it's a place for haircuts "for men".  However, I don't see why a girl wouldn't enjoy the sports theme just as much as a boy.  I think it's a shame that they limit it like that.  We did see a girl getting her haircut while we were there,  but they probably aren't as used to styling girls' hair.

Website and other important information:


Address: 8200 Renaissance Parkway, Durham, NC 27713-7747

Phone Number: (919) 361-0087

Hours: Open Weekdays 10am-8pm; Sat 9am-6pm; Sun 1pm-6pm

**For more information about Peek-a-Doo and a few other salons the area, check out our blogger friends, mominchapelhill


(the all important lollipop)

(the storefront)


Anonymous said...

We love this place for our 2 year old as well!! As well as my husband. It's nice to get them both done at the same time!!

Anonymous said...

We take our 2 year old there too. They're great.

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