Monday, November 15, 2010

Tennis Courts

What it is: I was always a tennis player growing up, so I knew it was a sport that I wanted to introduce to my kids.  However, I didn't know whether toddlers were old enough to start playing.  However, as the weather got cooler, a tennis court just seemed like the perfect place to head with my two year old.

What we liked: Tennis courts are great as a place for toddlers to play because they are fenced.  In addition, there's plenty of room to run.  In addition, whether anyone actually attempts to teach them anything about tennis or not, they will have a ball running around playing with rackets and bouncing the balls around.  Since the regular tennis rackets are a little big for my two year old, we used a plastic racket that we purchased at Walmart that was meant for badminton and a big beach ball to make it easier to hit. 

In addition, since lots of tennis courts do not have any shade they are a perfect place to hang out on these cold fall days.  The sun shines down warmly and keeps us warm while we play.

What we would change: Toddlers are a big young to actually play tennis, so if you're looking for a rallying partner, might want to try someone a little older.  However, they can have great fun exploring the environment.  In addition, I would prefer to bring toddlers to somewhere were there are only a few courts fenced in together.  That way, there's not too much room for the toddlers to roam.  In addition, if there are other people on the courts next to where you are playing, you have to be courteous, stay quiet, and keep your balls off their court so that you don't disturb their game.

Important information:

Here is the most recent list of Durham parks that have tennis courts.  In addition, many neighborhoods and apartment complexes have tennis courts available for the use of their residents. 

(Cook Rd, East End, Elmira, Forest Hills, Garrett Rd, Morreene Rd, Northgate, Oval Drive, Rock Quarry, Sherwood, Southern Boundaries, Whippoorwill )

For more information about tennis in the area, here's the link to the Durham and Orange County Tennis Association:


1. A local neighborhood tennis court

2. Regular tennis equipment and our toddler tennis supplies

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