Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Area Christmas Lights

One of our favorite past times during the holidays has been to drive around and check out all of the area Christmas lights.  Last year, we came across this map from the Durham Mothers Club.  Someone created this map listing all the best places to check out area Christmas lists within local neighborhoods.  What a great idea!  They even left the map public so that people could add on their favorites.  Please let us know if you were the ones who created this wonderful map.  We'd love to give you credit for this great idea!

The only bad part is the map is that it is from 2008.  So, I don't know how many of the sites are still accurate. Plus, the icons they selected are no longer available.  The maps needs a little work, but it was a great start and a great idea.  I'm so glad someone thought of it.

So, readers, take a look at the map.  Let us know if you can confirm any of the locations or if you know any of the locations that are no longer decorated.  Tell us about any other Christmas light locations that you love to check out.  Then, hopefully we'll have a collection of great area Christmas decorations that we can all investigate!

Here's the link to the map:

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12 Monteith Court Durham. NC

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