Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chocolaterie Stam

What it is: As we drive down Hwy. 54 into Chapel Hill from our part of Durham, we've been curious about a new development we pass by just before 15-501 called East 54.  Last time we drove by we noticed a new shop called Chocolaterie Stam.  A new dessert shop that we hadn't tried yet?  We had to stop by.

When you walk in you're immediately in a chocolate wonderland with cases upon cases of beautiful chocolates.  My son was mesmerized!  Much to my son's delight, we noticed that they had a gelato case at the front of the store.  So, we were able to grab some delicious gelato, which we could sit and eat at their assortment of tables or couches, and then shop for some delicious chocolates!  The also make milkshakes, floats, and a variety of hot drinks which we can't wait to come back to try. 

What we liked: The atmosphere is great!  It's perfect for a special treat for kids because they will really feel special when they get to pick out a candy from one of those cases.  The employee that we met was very friendly and helpful and made our small children feel welcome.  In addition, the shopping center looks like it might be a fun place to stop for dinner and dessert at Stam with several restaurants including Thai and Indian cuisine.

What we would change: There isn't much parking, so I can see how that would be a problem on busy days.

Website and other important information:


Address: 1115 Environ Way, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

Phone: 919-967-9373

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 6am-9:30pm, Satuday 6am-10:30pm, Sunday 12pm-9:30pm


1. A view from the parking lot

2. The beautifully decorated interior

3. mmmm, gelato

3. The case of beautiful chocolates

4. Up Close

5. Their window

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Karetchko said...

I am glad to see Stam getting some well-deserved attention, but I wanted to mention another chocolate shop in Chapel Hill named The Chocolate Door. It's on West Franklin St. (pretty close to Carrboro) and the chocolates and baked goods are very the owner is the mom of a 9-month old (her baby is sometimes at the store). It could be a good place to combine with some other stops in the area, such as Nice Price books or The Bookshop/Chapel Hill Comics.

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