Monday, December 20, 2010

Thank you!

Several years ago, I moved back to Durham after a couple of years in Seattle.  I had lived here for six years before I had kids.  I moved back with a young son, and it was totally different.  I knew a lot about Durham, but not a lot about where I could take my son.  Then, I met a wonderful group of friends with whom I could hang out and explore the area.  We all started talking about how we felt and realized how nice it would have been if we could have some place to go to get information about everything Durham, but from the perspective of a mom.  We decided we would try to create something helpful for people like us, so we started the Stir Crazy Moms Guide to Durham. 

Over the course of the year, the website has evolved.  With help from all of our readers we have seen the site grow and have learned what is really helpful for everyone.  So, we would like to thank all of our readers for making Stir Crazy Moms what it is!  We're looking forward to our next year and all of the help, support, and community that our readers provide.  So, keep it coming with all of the great contributions!

With that huge thank you, we are signing off for the holidays!  It's time to enjoy this great season with our families.  So, we will see everyone in the new year with more ideas, places, and kid-friendly Durham activities.

Thank You Everyone and Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Happycorri Holidays to you all. Love the site and ideas/tips!

Uta said...

Thanks for such an informative blog. We have visited numerous places you suggested, and thumbs up on all of them. I don't know how our move to Durham would've gone without your blog!! Thanks again!!

Carolyn said...

And thank you! In the past few days, I took my kids three places recommended by you! (MeadowLights, Bean Traders, and classes won by your giveaway)

So appreciative of your publicity of our great city!

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