Friday, January 14, 2011

Closings and Openings

We've heard about so many stores closing and opening in the new year, so we wanted to give everyone a quick summary.  Please, let us know if you know any more to add to our list!!

*A Sea of Learning-has closed its Southpoint location and is expanding it's Northgate location.

*The Children's Store in Chapel Hill-Has closed its University Mall location and moved to a location off of Elliot Rd.

*La Vita Dolce-Has closed its Southpoint Mall location and opened up in University Mall.

*Marble Slab Creamery-There are rumors that Marble Slab has closed it's Southpoint Mall location.  Does anyone know if this is true?

Fortunately, most of these mom favorites have simply moved to a new location.  If you find any more local moves, closings, or openings, let us know!

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