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What it is: Saladelia is one of our favorite restaurants in Durham.  I've been there countless times without kids, they used to cater delicious lunches at the school where I worked, and now, I've taken my kids several times.  It's a delicious mediterranean restaurant with options for brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, and coffee although we usually head over there for lunch.  There are also quite a few yummy vegetarian options on their menu.

When we went recently, we went with the whole family, and we all found something that we liked.  I usually get the chicken souvlaki which is delicious, but I tried something new and tried the falafel which was also very good.  They had macaroni and cheese as a special, so of course I had to sample it as a side.   My husband had their chicken salad with some roasted red pepper hummus which was a nice twist on a mediterranean classic.  They did have a kids' menu, so my son tried their grilled cheese which is simply made with a slice of cheddar cheese.  The sandwich comes with chips and a drink for under $4.  The kids menu also included an organic hot dog and a pizza option. 

What we liked:  We love all of the delicious options at Saladelia.  You can pick out a variety of sides including several colorful pasta salads, fruit, and hummus displayed behind the counter as you order.  They also have a variety of desserts including baklava and cupcakes!  We also enjoyed the seating arrangement which has been changed since I went many years ago.  They have added a section of booths, which worked great for cornering a toddler and keeping him in his seat for his meal. Another great part of eating at Saladelia is their live jazz which is offered in the evenings several days a week.  (Call Saladelia for their exact schedule.)

What we would change: The one thing about Saladelia is that it can be a bit tricky for picky eaters to find the right fit.  However, my friend who was a picky eater would always get the greek grilled cheese and enjoyed it immensely.  In addition, adding on all of the pasta salad sides that your mouth waters over in the display case can add on to the price of the meal. 

Website and other important information: 


Address: 4201 University Dr # 101, Durham, NC 27707-2533

Phone: (919) 489-5776


1. The menu and display cases

2. A close up of the display case

3. Our toddler-friendly booth (complete with our meal crumbs) :)

 4. My son's grilled cheese kids' meal

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