Friday, February 11, 2011

Triangle Aquatic Center

What it is: Triangle Aquatic Center is an indoor swimming center located near Cary Towne Center.  You can head there for lap swimming, free swimming with your kids, or swim lessons with separate pools for the lap swimmers and the lessons and kids' free swimming.   The smaller pool for the kids is extremely warm even in the winter.  You can visit one time and pay a fee or buy a pass for multiple visits. They also have locker rooms and showers for changing and storing your belongings.

We recently visited to take advantage of their free swim opportunity with the family.  We had a great time!  The stairs leading into the small pool were great for hesitant toddlers to hang out on.  The pool was so warm as they keep it at 86 degrees, that even my six month old was warm enough.  It was a great way to get in the water when it's cold outside.

We have taken their Parent/Child B swim lessons during the week for 2-4 year olds and have loved them.  They offer them in the morning and evening during the week and also on the weekends.  The classes during the week are offered twice a week on a monthly basis with 8 classes costing $85.  The classes on the weekend typically run for a 7 week period. 

What we liked:  We love that they have a separate smaller, warmer pool for the kids.  The swim lessons during the week are small which is really nice.  We took them for a two month period and in both classes there was only one other child besides my son.  The instructor was dynamic, knowledgeable and very good with kids.  She explained the typical stages of learning to swim and the various exercises.  She also stopped the class at various points to sing songs and keep their attention.  The lockers rooms and showers are also nice. 

What we would change: It can be a bit pricey for free swim.  Our family of four was charged $16 for our visit.  It also is a bit of a drive from Durham, especially when there is bad traffic on I-40.
If they don't have at least two people to register for a swim class, then they won't offer them.  So unfortunately the class wasn't offered this month during the week.  There are more kids in the weekend classes (we are currently taking them), up to 7 kids and the pool and facilities are also more crowded during this time due to other swim classes and swim meets. 

Website and other important information: 


Address: 75 Convention Dr, Cary, NC 27511

Phone Number: (919) 459-4045

Hours: Open Weekdays 5am-9pm; Sat 7am-7pm; Sun 1pm-6pm (Call to find out about specific swimming programs.)

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