Monday, March 28, 2011

American Tobacco Campus

So, as we were writing our entry on Phantasmagoria last week, we realized that we had written about all of the various establishments at the American Tobacco Campus including Tyler's, Cuban Revolution, and Mellow Mushroom.  Then we realized that we had written about many of the special events at the ATC including Music on the Lawn and the Holiday season.  We figured it was time that we actually included an entry on the actual American Tobacco Campus.

What it is: The American Tobacco Campus is a gathering space located in downtown Durham next to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and down the street from DPAC created from renovated tobacco warehouses.  It houses several office buildings as well as several restaurants and hosts musical and other events throughout the year.

What we like: The American Tobacco Campus has architecture and landscaping that just entrances toddlers.  There are large grassy areas, streams, stairs, a water tower, and waterfalls.  Every corner has something new for young kids to explore.  It makes waiting for restaurants or listening to music in the summer that much more enjoyable for the whole family. 

What we would change: While there are several good restaurants and exhibits in the American Tobacco Campus, there are no retail shops.  In addition, if you head down there on a weekday, it's really pretty empty except for people that work there.  I wish there was more there to enjoy, but what is there is great to explore.

Website and other important information: 


Address: 318 Blackwell Street, Suite 150, Durham, North Carolina, 27701-3600  


Views of the campus...

1. The train and waterfalls

2. Grass for running

3. Under the water tower

4. A bridge over the water

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