Friday, March 11, 2011

Jason's Deli

I used to head to this great lunch spot when I taught at a nearby school.  The food was delicious, there was a great selection, and would could eat there quickly enough to get back to school in time for our students to arrive.  They serve sandwiches, salads at their salad bar, baked potatoes, soup, and more.  However, when I went back after I had children, I discovered it was a great place to eat for other reasons.  I recently went back to eat with one of our readers (Thanks for a great lunch, Lindsay!), and I was reminded how great it is for kids, including little ones.
What we liked: This is a great place to go with your little ones that are too young for ordering a whole kids' meal but too big to just have a bottle.  You can order a salad bar split with a sandwich or soup (I like the tomato basil), then your little one can munch a variety of treats off of your plate.  Then, when your little one gets old enough to eat a meal for themselves, they've got you covered!  Their menu has an extensive kids' section.  They have sandwiches that come with a choice of organic apples, carrots, or fresh fruit in addition to apple juice or milk.  You can also get kids' menu items including pizza, pasta, salad bar, or baked potato.  Their menu also lists the nutiritional information on the kids' menu which is very helpful!  The best part is, your meal purchase comes with free soft serve ice cream for all ages!!!

What we would change:  There's not much we can complain about!

Website and other important information:


Address:  5408 New Hope Commons Dr. , #123A, Durham, NC 27707

Phone Number: 919-493-3350

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