Sunday, March 6, 2011

Li Ming's Global Market

What it is: So, we lived in Seattle for a few years, and they had the most fabulous Asian food and markets.  Since we've been back, we've had trouble finding ingredients for some of our favorite dishes here in Durham.  So, we were thrilled when we heard about Li Ming's Global Market which opened up in the old Circuit City building off of 15-501.

Li Ming's is a grocery with all manner of Asian ingredients.  They had rows of all manner of Asian foods from rice to wontons to countless varieties of soy sauce.  These were combined with rows of our typical American grocery store fare.  The store also includes a fresh fish counter in the back complete with tanks, a bakery which is coming soon, fresh produce, and a restaurant where you can buy a hot meal and sit and enjoy it.

What we liked: We headed to Li Ming's with both of our young boys in tow.  We love when we have the opportunity to expose our kids to different types of food and different cultures.  This was a great opportunity to do so.  Our oldest son enjoyed passing through the aisles asking what various items were.  The best part for the kids were clearly the fish tanks in the back.  There were not too many of them, but they had a good time watching the fish and crab in the tanks swim around.  In addition, although we didn't sample it, it's great that they have a restaurant where you can get a bite to eat with your kids.  Another great part is that the prices are very reasonable as well!

What we would change: Since it was new, there were several parts of the store that weren't quite up and running yet, like the bakery.  In addition, there were quite a few items that we couldn't identify when asked by our son, but part of the fun of going to a new store like this is discovering these new food and tastes!

Website and other important information:

Website: (We could not find a store website, but here's a review from Carpe Durham.)

Address: 3400 Westgate Dr, Durham, NC 27707

Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am-9pm


1. The produce department

2. The fish tanks

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