Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Madness with Fire: Community Campfire Nights

 What it is: Once a month, the City of Durham Parks and Recreation Dept puts on a Community Campfire, on a Friday night, at a different city park each time. City Staff build the fire, and they provide a table with a water cooler, skewers, graham crackers, hershey bars and, you guessed it, marshmallows. The staff members teach kids about the fire, and about how to make s'mores. One staffer stands at the ready to make the s'mores for the kids.

What we liked: We'd never been to this park, and we didn't know anyone else who would be there, but we still had a good time. The fire, of course, is the first thing my girls gravitated toward, and then we tackled the task of making s'mores. But though both my girls love chocolate and sweets, they ate one and felt full. Then they ran around the big wide field with other kids. Then one staff member pulled out head-lamps, and the kids set about using them to play, walk into the trees, and look for kindling. It was a relaxing Friday night activity to wrap up the evening.

What could be better: To be honest, the two staff members who built the fire had a little trouble getting a good fire going. Other than having to wait a little to build your s'more at peak times, it was a nice break and all in good fun.

More info: Location changes monthly. Information can be found in the Play More! Parks and Rec newsletter which gets mailed to households, or at It's free and you don't need to pre-register, just show up!

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