Sunday, March 13, 2011

The National Children's Study

We received this e-mail from the National Children's Study and thought we would share it with our readers.  Being a teacher married to a scientist, I am always a fan of research especially when it can help us learn about our children.  So, here's the information they sent us and how you can become involved.
What it is: The National Children’s Study is the largest study ever conducted in the U.S. on children’s health and environment. Out of 105 counties selected across the country, Durham County was selected as one of the counties eligible to participate in this important initiative! The Study is completely observational and will collect information from 100,000 children from before they are born until they reach the age of 21. The Study will look at how behaviors, environment, and biology contribute to our children’s health and development in hopes of gathering information that will be able to improve the health of future generations. Learn more at or by calling 919-544-3222.

Website and other important information: You can be involved in the study if you are pregnant and live in certain parts of Durham County.  If involved in the study you will answer questions in person or over the phone and have the researchers occasionally visit your home.  For your participation you will receive a small gift or monetary amount each time you meet with the researchers in-person.


*The National Children's Study will also be at The Great Human Race in Durham on March 26 to raise awareness.  To find out more visit:

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