Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Mystery Playground-Valley Run Playground

What it is: The Stir Crazy Moms have been frequenting Tutti Frutti, the new frozen yogurt shop in Hope Valley Square Shopping Center.  As some of our readers know, we've been searching for a great nearby playground where we can stop after our sweet treat.  Thanks to our readers we've gotten several great suggestions we can't wait to check out. 

On one of our most recent trips, one of the moms noticed a nearby playground as she was driving to the store, so we had to stop and check it out.  It took some sleuthing to figure out where this glimpse of slides and swingsets that she saw from the road through the trees was actually located, but we found it.  It's a little playground tucked into a neighborhood called Valley Run.  So, we are calling it the Valley Run Playground (I know, how creative). 

It is a very small playground with some swings, a small play structure, and it's most unique feature-a see-saw!  My son loves these, and we so rarely see them at the playground we frequent.  So we're always happy when we find one.  This playground would definitely be best for smaller kids and ones that are not incredibly adventurous with their climbing and sliding.  Since I have one non-adventurer and one little guy-this playground was a perfect fit!

What we liked: It was fenced, it was quiet, and it had that lovely see-saw.  Plus, it was close to our afternoon dessert destination!

What we would change: As we said earlier, it is small, and the equipment is small.  However, this can also be an advantage depending on our child's temperament.  I will caution that this is a neighborhood playground.  Parking is on the street in front of houses.  So, if you go make sure to be courteous to those that live in the neighborhood. 

Important Information: The park is located on Valley Run Rd.  To find it turn off of Old Chapel Hill Rd. onto Valley Run.  The park will be located on the left a short distance down the road.


1. A view of the entire playground

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