Friday, April 22, 2011

Touch A Truck

I rarely write on events that have already come and gone.  However, every once and a while an annual event comes around that it a wonderful outing for kids.  When that happens I like to write it up so that when next year rolls around, everyone knows about it and is ready.  Touch a Truck this weekend was one of those events.

What it is: Touch a Truck is an event put on annually by a boy scout troop in the parking lot of University Mall.  They bring in every type of vehicle that you can think of and the kids can actually get in and explore them!  This year, we headed down and my almost-three year old was in heaven!  He got to sit in a limo, a digger, a trash truck, a ferrari, several tractors, two helicopters, and an ambulance-and those were just the ones that we went in.  There were plenty of other vehicles there to explore and even some bouncy castles for extra fun.  In addition to getting in all of vehicles we also were lucky enough to see two helicopters, one from Duke and one from UNC, actually land in the parking lot while we were there.

What we liked: For a person with car and truck loving toddlers-what could be better?  It was so great to just let your kid go up and touch a vehicle like that and then get in it!

What we would change: The most difficult part of this event is the timing.  It takes place from 12pm-4pm which is usually precisely during nap time.  We managed to sneak in a quick visit before the boys went to sleep this time though.  In addition, there is a $5 admission charge which can get expensive.  However, the proceeds go to a great cause and the experience is definitely worth the money!

Website and other important information: 


Address: 201 S. Estes Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (University Mall)

2011 Date and Time: Sunday April 17, 12pm-4pm


 1. a view as we walked in

 2. One of the trucks

 3. Everybody watches the helicopter land

4. A police officer shows everyone his dog and his vehicle.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a great idea, but the endless and unpredictable horn-blaring really set my nerves on edge.

One child leaned on the horn in the public transit bus for so long, I was ready to go over there and ask the adults nearby exactly what was wrong with them.

My three-year-old didn't last too long - he liked the bouncy houses the best, and he sat in the Ferrari for a while. Can you imagine letting small children crawl all over your Ferrari? :-)

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